Unite America

Become a Uniter today. Join the movement to bridge the partisan divide.

Country Over Party

We’re building a movement to elect common-sense, independent candidates to office who can represent We, the People – not the party bosses or special interests.

Learn how our “Fulcrum Strategy” can help break through partisan gridlock.

  1. Become a Founding Member

    Founding Members are the backbone of our movement to recruit and elect independent candidates by pledging a monthly contribution. Join today and receive a free copy of the Centrist Manifesto and an invitation to our exclusive online community.

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  2. Volunteer

    The Unite America Leader program is comprised of a community of volunteers who are trained and ready to take action on behalf of the movement and independent candidates as phone bankers, canvassers, content contributors and local organizers.

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  3. Shop Our Store

    Declare your independence by sporting a Unite America hat, shirt, or coffee cup!

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  4. Join a Local Chapter

    Our chapters provide a home for the politically homeless and for those looking to bridge the partisan divide in their communities. Local leaders provide critical grassroots infrastructure to independent candidates, seek reform to local issues and help our movement grow.

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  5. Run for Office

    Our movement relies on leaders who are willing to run for office independent of both political parties. Let us know if you are an independent candidate, may become one, or are just curious to learn more about what running for office entails.

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