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Nick Troiano Discusses "The Primary Solution" on Faithful Politics Podcast

Nick Troiano talks about 'The Primary Solution' and nonpartisan election reform on Faithful Politics Podcast, highlighting solutions to reduce polarization and enhance representation.

Unite America
February 9, 2024

Unite America's Executive Director, Nick Troiano, joined the Faithful Politics Podcast to discuss his book, The Primary Solution, and the critical need for nonpartisan election reform. The conversation covers the organization’s approach to creating a functional, representative government by tackling the root causes of political dysfunction and polarization.

The episode delves into specific reforms such as nonpartisan primaries and ranked-choice voting, with a focus on their successful implementation in Alaska. Troiano emphasizes the importance of these changes in fostering a political environment that rewards consensus-building and represents a broader spectrum of American voters.

Watch the full interview below to learn more and order your copy to the book here.