Unite America invests in state campaigns and national organizations that are advancing — and winning — nonpartisan election reform.

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Our Model

High Impact Philanthropy

Unite America serves as a full-service, philanthropic investment partner for individuals and institutions. All of our operating overhead is covered by our anchor funders, so we are able to invest 100% of the funds we raise. We diligence opportunities, underwrite grants, and provide hands-on strategic guidance while driving coordination across the movement.


Dollars mobilized and granted since 2019 across our multi-pronged investment portfolio, including 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), and PAC giving

Number of state and national grantees we have supported and worked alongside to foster a more coordinated, effective, and powerful movement


Rating from grantees on the value of Unite America's strategic guidance and in-kind support

Our Portfolio

Our investment portfolio is composed of two primary pillars: win campaigns and build our movement.

Win Campaigns

We invest in both legislative and ballot campaigns to advance and defend solutions to the Primary Problem at the state level. We invest at the intersection of cross-partisan campaigns that are both impactful and viable.

State Campaigns

Locally-led state groups that help win, defend, and implement election reform

Pre-Reform Candidates

Legislative champions of election reform from all political parties

Build Our Movement

Winning election reform at scale does not happen in a vacuum; it requires a national movement. We invest in national partners and movement infrastructure to win state-level policy by providing tangible assets and competencies, and improving the environment in which reform campaigns are happening.

National Partners

Nonpartisan groups that provide tools, policy, and other resources to state campaigns while shaping the national environment through unique programs

Movement Infrastructure

Initiatives that help build national conditions for victory — including research, electeds, communications, and coalitions

Movement Resources

When Unite America makes financial investments, we also invest our time, network, and resources to support the efforts of our grantees.

Strategic Guidance

We advise grantees on their strategies, campaigns, and programs.

Network Connections

We leverage our relationships across the movement to connect grantees to other partners and people that can help advance their efforts.

Shared Infrastructure

We provide grantees access to tools and resources like messaging guides and polling banks.


Unite America is proud to support dozens of state campaigns and national organizations  working to advance election reform and committed to putting voters first.

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