Through the Unite America Fund, we invest in nonpartisan electoral reform campaigns and work to elect Unity Candidates so that the right leaders have the right incentives to solve our country's largest greatest problems.

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Skyrocketing health care costs. The growing gap between rich and poor. Rising budget deficits. A climate in crisis. No matter what issue it is you care about, our broken political system stands in the way of solutions.

Even when we agree, our politicians do nothing. It’s because they’ve stopped serving we, the people. In order to get elected — and re-elected — they’re serving their campaign donors, special interest groups, and party bosses.

It wasn’t always this way, and it doesn’t need to stay this way.

Watch this video about the two-party doom loop to better understand the problem.

The Doom Loop of Political Dysfunction

Elected officials have been discouraged from working across the aisle to find solutions to the problems we care about because they fear their own parties’ political extremes. Why?

Low Competition

Both parties rigged the rules to protect their own power, from drawing their own district lines to discriminating against third parties. The result? Primary elections are the only election that matters in the vast majority of “safe” legislative districts.

80% of Congressional districts are considered “safe” for one party

Low Participation

Relatively few voters participate in primary elections, and over 11 million independent voters remain disenfranchised from participating in primaries. Too many obstacles remain between voters and their ability to cast a secure ballot.

19.9% of eligible voters cast a primary ballot in 2018

Low Accountability

With party primaries dominated by a small number of party activists and well-funded special interest groups, politicians generally escape accountability from the rest of their constituency.

100% of members of Congress who lost in their primaries in 2018 were defeated by a challenger from extreme left or right


of Congressional districts are considered “safe” for one party


of eligible voters cast a primary ballot in 2018


of members of Congress who lost in their primaries in 2018 were defeated by a challenger from their extreme left or right


Unite America invests in a two-pronged strategy to break the doom loop of political dysfunction and to foster a more functional and representative government.


We support four, nonpartisan election reforms — already in place in many states across the country — that can increase competition and participation in our elections, and in the process, fundamentally improve governing incentives.

GOAL Increase Competition

More Competitive Districts

The Problem

Partisan gerrymandering allows politicians to protect their own power by creating “safe” districts that limit competition from other parties.

The Solution

Independent Redistricting Commissions take the power of drawing district lines away from self-interested politicians.

GOAL Increase Competition

More Viable Choices

The Problem

Voters fear supporting independent or third party candidates will “spoil” the election and cause their least preferred candidate to be elected.

The Solution

Ranked Choice Voting ends the “spoiler” effect by allowing voters to rank their candidates according to preference and ensuring a majority winner.

GOAL Increase Participation

More Independent Voters

The Problem

In 18 states, independent voters are either prohibited from voting in party primary elections or face restrictions.

The Solution

Open & nonpartisan primaries empower all registered voters, including independents, to participate in taxpayer-funded primary elections.

GOAL Increase Participation

More Accessible Voting

The Problem

Voters face limited opportunities to cast a ballot and long lines at the polls on Election Day — often leaving just the most die-hard partisans to participate.

The Solution

Vote by Mail provides a more convenient, accessible, and secure option for all voters to research and cast a more informed ballot.

BETTER Leadership

In order to make some of these structural changes, we need the right leaders in place to get them passed. That’s why we also support Unity Candidates in both parties’ primaries and elect leaders who are pragmatic,
pro-reform, and put people over party.

GOAL Increase Accountability

More Support for Unity Candidates

The Problem

A small number of extreme voters and well-funded issue-groups have disproportionate influence in primary elections.

The Solution

Unite America serves as a counter-balance by mobilizing political, grassroots, and financial resources to support Unity Candidates — and to oppose the most extreme and corrupt incumbent elected officials.


In 2018, less than 3% of what was spent on partisan political campaigns was invested in the nonpartisan strategies to improve our political system. Instead of fueling the problem, more resources need to go to fixing it.

There are already many great organizations, campaigns, and candidates working to put voters first. The Unite America Fund aims to scale and accelerate this momentum by significantly increasing investment in a diversified portfolio through our philanthropic venture fund and non-partisan donor community.

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The State of Democracy

The Unite America Institute analyzed the status of our four key structural reforms to determine where the opportunity and needs are. See how your state compares.

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