Our Movement’s Victories

Changing the status quo requires a movement: local leadership, strong coalitions, champions from both political parties and — most importantly — voters. Unite America is proud to have played a role in many movement victories by providing financial resources and strategic guidance.

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Voters First

Better Representation for 23 Million Voters

Since 2019, Unite America has invested in 50 successful campaigns that have changed election policy and improved representation.


Number of statewide reform victories across our policy suite — including nonpartisan primaries, redistricting reform, and instant runoffs.

Number of municipal reform victories, specifically for the adoption of instant runoffs.


Movement Victories

Hover over the map below for a summary of each victory that Unite America helped power.

Case Studies

Below are a few examples of successful campaigns that Unite America has supported and the impact they have had. 


2020: Top-Four Nonpartisan Primaries

Since 2019, Unite America has been the largest investor in the passage, implementation, and defense of the country’s first top-four nonpartisan primary and instant runoff general election in Alaska. In 2022, a greater percentage of voters cast a ballot in a competitive and consequential election in Alaska than any other state in the country — giving voters more power to hold their elected leaders accountable than ever before.


Increase in number of voters casting consequential ballots


Maps were 20 percentage points fairer following the reform


2020: Redistricting Reform

Unite America has supported a multi-year, multifaceted election reform strategy to advance primary reform, redistricting reform, and instant runoffs in the state. In 2019-2020, we backed a legislative and ballot campaign that resulted in a Constitutional amendment for redistricting reform. We also defended Democratic and Republican state legislators who drew primary opponents for supporting the reform. In 2022, a new redistricting commission was used for the first time to produce fairer and more competitive districts, giving voters a greater say in who represents them.


2016: Semi-Open Primaries

Led by Unite America co-chair Kent Thiry, the successful 2016 ballot initiative for semi-open primaries in Colorado allowed independent voters to cast ballots for the first time in primary elections. The fluid nature of these voters’ partisan voting habits had led to Democratic and Republican candidates needing to campaign beyond their own base.


Primary ballots cast for the first time by independent voters


Cities adopted the new system to conduct their elections



In 2021, Unite America supported a successful legislative campaign that gave Utah municipalities the option of using instant runoffs for local elections. In its first pilot year, close to two dozen cities opted-in to the new system and 81% reported finding the system easy to use (Sutherland Institute). We’ve remained committed to defending this progress in the state legislature while supporting expanded implementation throughout the state.

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