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A Resounding Win: Majority Rule Upheld in Ohio

Issue 1 defeated in Ohio

Alana Persson
Digital Marketing Associate
August 9, 2023

Great news: In a special election Tuesday, Ohio voters defeated a constitutional amendment that would have undermined majority rule and made it more difficult for voters to have a direct say in our democracy.

Major credit goes to our in-state partner, One Person One Vote, who led the charge to defeat this proposal. Unite America was proud to invest in this major victory for the Voters First movement.

If passed, Issue 1 would have raised the threshold for citizens to pass ballot initiatives from a simple majority (more than 50%) to a supermajority (60%). That would have made it harder for citizens to act on issues where their elected leaders are not being responsive to their desires –– including on issues of election reform.  

This victory in Ohio serves as a shining example of our nationwide efforts. As a philanthropic venture fund, we will continue to invest resources in state campaigns and national organizations to foster a more functional and representative government.  

If you’d like to further support this work, you can contribute to our fund here –– and 100% will be regranted to the partners in our portfolio. We’re grateful for your support.