About Us

Who We Are

Unite America is a philanthropic venture fund that invests in nonpartisan election reform to foster a more representative and functional government.

We support party-neutral changes to the way we vote

that put voters first and produce more accountability, better representation and better results. To date, we have invested over $50M in dozens of state campaigns and national organizations working to advance nonpartisan primaries, instant runoffs, and independent redistricting commissions.

Specifically, we are focused on solving the Primary Problem in our political system

how partisan primaries disenfranchise voters and disincentivize our leaders from solving problems. For example, Unite America was the largest funder of the campaign to enact Alaska’s top-four primary system –– which, upon first use in 2022, increased participation, improved representation, and dampened polarization.

We are building the premier cross-partisan community of philanthropists

to accelerate and scale the nonpartisan election reform movement. Our team sources, diligences, and recommends investment opportunities, and adds significant value to our partners through hands-on support and shared infrastructure.

Our Story

Unite America was originally founded as the Centrist Project in 2014 by Dartmouth College professor Charles Wheelan. Our vision was the same as it is today: to foster a more functional and representative government. In 2019, our strategy shifted from supporting individual candidates to supporting election reforms that can fundamentally improve the incentive structure of our political system.

Today, Unite America has grown to be a leader in the election reform movement. Our 25+ person team is composed of Democrats, Republicans, and independents who are committed to working across lines of political difference to defend and improve our democracy.  We are headquartered in Denver, CO.