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From Inspiration to Publication: The Top Five Books Behind "The Primary Solution"

Discover 'The Primary Solution': a transformative exploration of American democracy, offering fresh insights and practical solutions for election reform, inspired by top political research.

Unite America
March 1, 2024

In writing his first book, The Primary Solution, Unite America Executive Director Nick Troiano sought inspiration from numerous authors. Below are the top five books that influenced his writing: 

1. "Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop: The Case for Multiparty Democracy in America" by Lee Drutman

This enlightening work shed light on the critical flaws within our electoral system, exacerbated by the polarization of two dominant parties. Drutman's analysis reveals the vicious cycle of political division ensnaring our nation, offering a profound understanding of the systemic changes needed to foster a healthier democracy.

2. "The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy" by Katherine Gehl and Michael E. Porter

Gehl and Porter delve into the competitive nature of our political landscape, highlighting how the current lack of dynamic competition undermines voter influence and accountability in leadership. Their arguments for political innovation present a compelling case for reimagining the democratic process.

3. "Primary Elections and American Politics: The Unintended Consequences of Progressive Era Reform" by Wayne P. Steger and Joseph Romance

This critical examination of the primary system introduced during the Progressive Era offers a persuasive narrative on how these well-intentioned reforms have, over time, deviated from their original purpose, leading to unintended negative consequences in today's political environment.

4. "Winning Marriage: The Inside Story of How Same-Sex Couples Took on the Politicians and Pundits – and Won" by Marc Solomon

Solomon's inspiring account of the same-sex marriage movement's journey from the fringes to mainstream success is a model of effective advocacy and change. It's a testament to the power of strategic, grassroots campaigning and the potential for significant social reform.

5. "Write for Your Life: A Guide to Clear and Purposeful Writing (and Presentations)" by Charles Wheelan

Beyond offering practical advice on crafting clear and impactful writing, Wheelan's guide served as a foundational tool for articulating the ideas within The Primary Solution. His earlier work, The Centrist Manifesto, played a pivotal role in Unite America's founding, underpinning our mission's philosophical core.

Each of these works contributed uniquely to developing The Primary Solution. As we venture into discussions about reforming our electoral systems, I hope to add to the rich dialogue these authors have contributed and invite you to be part of this essential conversation. 

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