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Nick Troiano on Morning Joe to discuss "The Primary Solution"

Nick Troiano spoke on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to promote his forthcoming book, "The Primary Solution" out February 27, 2024.

Unite America
February 26, 2024

Today on Morning Joe, Unite America Executive Director Nick Troiano cuts through the noise to address what he calls the "single most solvable" problem in our political landscape: closed primaries. These mechanisms, he argues, disenfranchise voters and fuel extremism, hindering our democratic process.

But what can be done? Nick offers compelling insights and actionable solutions to the Primary Problem.

Watch the Segment: Dive into the discussion with Nick on Morning Joe to learn more:

Read the Book: Want to explore the topic further? Nick's new book, The Primary Solution, hits shelves February 27, 2024.