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Breaking the Partisan Doom Loop: Nick Troiano on Politicology

Join Nick Troiano, author and Executive Director of Unite America, as he discusses how primary elections fuel the partisan doom loop, based on his new book, The Primary Solution. Discover insights into making our democracy truly representative.

May 9, 2024

Join Nick Troiano, Executive Director of Unite America, on a thought-provoking episode of Politicology, hosted by Ron Steslow. In this discussion, Nick delves into the problematic nature of our primary election process, which he argues perpetuates a "partisan doom loop," leaving an increasing number of Americans disillusioned with their electoral options. He also introduces his new book, The Primary Solution: Rescuing Our Democracy from the Fringes, offering actionable solutions to reform our electoral system.

In the interview, Nick highlights a critical issue: "The parties control the government, which controls our elections. So fast forward to today; what does that mean? ... '[It] results in a system where you have 435 members of Congress, all Democrats and Republicans, despite the fact that we live in a country where 50% of Americans identify as independent today, the system is not representative of the voters because the party system really has entrenched its own power.'"

To explore more about how we can rescue our democracy and make it truly representative, listen to the full interview.

Listen to the full episode here.