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Nick Troiano Discusses Election Reform Solutions in The Primary Solution | The Purple Principle Interview

Watch The Purple Principle's latest interview with Nick Troiano, author of 'The Primary Solution' and Executive Director of Unite America, as he explores viable solutions for rescuing our democracy through state-level election reforms.

Unite America
February 29, 2024

In a recent interview with The Purple Principle, Nick Troiano delves into the critical themes of his latest book, "The Primary Solution: Rescuing Our Democracy from the Fringes," published by Simon & Schuster.

As we approach another contentious primary season, Troiano sheds light on the pervasive issues plaguing the U.S. political system and proposes tangible solutions that can be implemented at the state level. The discussion also explores how as few as six state-level initiatives could drive Congress to address long-standing issues such as the fiscal deficit, gun violence, and immigration reform. Troiano’s message is clear: the path to a healthier democracy lies within our grasp, through the tools provided by our very own democratic system.

Don’t miss this conversation on the most robust year for election reform in modern history. Tune in to understand how we can collectively rescue our democracy from the fringes.

This interview is a production of The Purple Principle, featuring original music by Ryan Adair Rooney.