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Instant Runoff Voting

Unite America Co-Chair, Kent Thiry, writes about the need for presidential primary reform

It's time to replace our ‘minority rules’ presidential primary system with ranked-choice voting.

Kent Thiry
Co-Chair, Unite America
July 13, 2023

Kent Thiry published an opinion piece in The Hill underscoring the need for presidential primary election reform.

Thiry writes, "Our antiquated presidential primaries are disproportionately driven by the far left and far right. In fact, if any group gathered to design a primary system from a blank page, and someone proposed the current approach, they would be laughed out of the room. [...] But the parties like the current system, as it maximizes their power, at the expense of the people’s power."

According to Thiry and others at Unite America, the solution to our dysfunctional 'minority rules' presidential primary is a ranked-choice voting system.

Read the full article here.