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Nick Troiano Discusses Partisan Polarization and Reform Solutions on ABC Prime News

Nick Troiano, Executive Director of Unite America, addresses the challenges of partisan primaries and solutions for democracy reform on ABC Prime News.

Unite America
March 5, 2024

On Super Tuesday, Unite America's Executive Director, Nick Troiano, joined ABC Prime News to discuss the current state of political polarization and the pressing need for democracy reform.

Highlighting the disenfranchisement caused by partisan primaries, especially among independent voters, Troiano sheds light on actionable solutions through state-level reform, as seen in states like Alaska. He emphasizes how these changes can lead to a more inclusive and accountable political system. Furthermore, Troiano discusses insights from his book, 'The Primary Solution: Rescuing Our Democracy from the Fringes,' which is now available for purchase.

Check out the full interview here.