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Nick Troiano Joins Nick Halaris to Discuss "The Primary Solution"

Listen to Nick Troiano on The Nick Halaris Show discussing 'The Primary Solution' and the impact of nonpartisan election reform on American democracy.

Unite America
February 19, 2024

Nick Troiano, Executive Director of Unite America, recently spoke with Nick Halaris on The Nick Halaris Show about his book, The Primary Solution. The conversation covers the necessity of nonpartisan election reform and Troiano's insights into improving American democracy through practical, state-level changes.

During the interview, Troiano outlines the challenges and solutions associated with current electoral systems — including closed primaries — emphasizing the importance of open primaries and collective civic engagement. His experiences and initiatives offer a unique perspective on reducing political polarization and enhancing representative governance.

Listen to the full discussion to understand the potential impact of these reforms on our political landscape.