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The Atlantic covers "A Radical Idea for Fixing Polarization"

Reporter Russell Berman poses the question, "Can proportional representation save American democracy?"

Russell Berman
July 6, 2023

Russell Berman, reporter for The Atlantic, unpacks the problems with our current winnter-takes-all election system and highlights a possible solution — proportional representation.

During his reporting, Berman interviews Lee Drutman, co-founder of Fix Our House, to learn more about how proportional representation would change the current electoral landscape of the United States. According to Drutman, "If [proportional representation is] implemented, its backers believe it could help transform America into a multiparty democracy.

Grant Tudor, policy advocate at the nonpartisan group Protect Democracy, further echoed this sentiment stating, "there’s something structural about a multiparty [system] that depresses polarization, depresses the risk of political violence—that depresses extremism.”

Read the full article here.