Independent Redistricting

Because politicians shouldn't choose their voters. Independent Redistricting Commissions curtail partisan gerrymandering by taking party politics and special interests out of the mapmaking process.

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The Problem

Partisan gerrymandering has become the ultimate tool used by both parties to preserve their own power.

By allowing the parties to draw their own state and Congressional districts, we’re allowing politicians to choose exactly which voters they want to vote where — giving the parties in power the ability to manipulate elections, with more granular data than ever before. Gerrymandering allows politicians to all but guarantee the ultimate partisan outcome of an election, before a single ballot has been cast.

Independent redistricting commissions give citizens a voice in the mapmaking process and empower them to make districts that are fair and representative of the people they serve.

“Gerrymandering is an overt assault on our representative form of government, and free and fair elections are the foundation of American democracy.”

Gov Roy Cooper (D-NC) and Gov Larry Hogan (R-MD)

What it does

Establishes a transparent redistricting process

that requires public input and support from Republicans, Democrats and independents

Creates standards for how maps are drawn

that eliminates partisan bias and fosters competition and electoral accountability

Re-empowers the American people

by giving citizens a voice, and keeping politicians, lobbyists, and their associates from hijacking the mapmaking system.

Creates representative districts

that drive better competition by forcing politicians to work to represent all of their constituents if they want to be reelected.

How to Gerrymander

Politicians are choosing their voters.

Every decade after the census, congressional maps are drawn to determine new districts for both state and federal seats. Independent redistricting commissions vest the power to draw these maps in a politically-independent commission that can seek input from citizens and communities. With a mandate to create districts that are representative and protect communities of interest, these commissions ensure that Americans are choosing their politicians, not the other way around.

Watch this video from our partner Campaign Legal Center to better understand the problem.

Why it matters

Independent redistricting commissions put citizens and commissioners in charge of the process, removing politicking and partisan deal-making.

Instead of allowing self-interested politicians to choose which districts are most favorable to them, independent redistricting commissions draw maps that ensure citizen interests comes first.

4 states use Independent Redistricting Commissions for state maps

4 states use Independent Redistricting Commissions for federal maps


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