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American politics is broken, but here's why you shouldn't give up on the system just yet

Unite America advisory board co-chairs, Jason Altmire and Carlos Curbelo, write for USA Today on why there is hope for politics.

Unite America
February 12, 2020

Unite America advisory board co-chairs, former Congressman Jason Altmire and former Congressman Carlos Curbelo, wrote an opinion piece in USA Today on why electoral reform is more critical today than ever.

"California is burning. Tensions with Iran are smoldering. Kids are being slaughtered in schools. Life in America is hard and getting harder for working-class people, many of whom are forced to choose every month between paying rent or buying prescription drugs. It would be so easy to quit.

Please don’t. Our broken politics can be fixed, and there are signs it’s already happening."

Check out the full piece in USA Today.