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State by state, electoral reform is happening — but not fast enough

Democracy reform and progress across the nation needs to happen faster.

Unite America
July 9, 2020

Deputy Director of Reforms and Partnerships, Tyler Fisher has seen firsthand the progress reform has made. In his recent feature in The Fulcrum, Fisher shares the encouraging growth found in the Unite America Institute’s updated State of Reform Paper.

While progress is being made, Fisher urges that more can be done at a faster page to fix our political systems.

“Progress on many important issues — from women's suffrage to gay marriage — has often started slowly, and then happened all at once. This year promises to serve as a potential inflection point that can begin to rapidly accelerate the progress being made. With some new wins on the board, we could be on the precipice of repeating a scale of meaningful change to our democracy not seen since the progressive era.”

Read the full article here.