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Support the Democracy Reform Movement by becoming a Founding Member of Unite America.

Founding Members are the backbone of our movement, pledging monthly or annual contributions (of whatever amount) that goes directly into supporting country-over-party candidates to democracy-reform campaigns across the country. Unite America works to unrig the system and put country over party.

When you become a Founding Member, you join a community of like-minded Americans who are tired of politics as usual and want to fix our political system.

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  1. Mt Washington

    $5+ / month
    • A free copy of the seminal Gehl/ Porter report
    • Invite to our exclusive Facebook group
    • Access to Members-only website and content
    • Invite to monthly calls with guest speakers
  2. Pikes Peak

    $10+ / month
    • Previous Level Benefits
    • Unite America Sticker Pack
  3. Mt Rainier

    $25+ / month
    • Previous Level Benefits
    • Unite America T-shirt
  4. Mt Denali

    $83.33+ / month
    • All Member Benefits
    • Bi-yearly call with Nick Troiano & Charlie Wheelan
    • Personal welcome call with Founder Charles Wheelan and Executive Director Nick Troiano

Founding Members are the key to our success. Their donations allow us to support candidates and campaigns that work to unrig the system and make our democracy more representative.

Last cycle, our Founding Members helped us raise over $3,000 for Ben Jickling’s reelection campaign. Ben is a 25 year-old independent serving in Vermont’s House of Representatives; because of donations from Founding Members, Ben could spend more time on the ground, knocking doors and talking to voters, and less time fundraising to keep up with competitors. Ben won reelection, and has continued to be a voice for reason and consensus in the Vermont statehouse.

We haven’t stopped there. This year in Virginia, they supported four people over party candidates from both sides of the aisle.

By becoming a Founding Member, you enter the forefront of the democracy reform movement, not just as a donor, but as a leader.