Senior Director, Campaigns
As Senior Director, Campaigns at Unite America, Claudia leverages her extensive experience and strategic acumen to drive nonpartisan initiatives that empower voters and disrupt the traditional political framework, ensuring that every voice is heard and every campaign leads to meaningful change.

Claudia is a dynamic leader bringing over three decades of campaign smarts to Unite America. She's a pro at crafting winning strategies and steering high-stakes campaigns from planning to victory across the national, state, and local levels. Claudia thrives on making big things happen, ensuring every campaign she touches is well-planned, well-executed, and well-celebrated. She is a champion of nonpartisan causes that prioritize voters. At Unite America, Claudia is all about turning bold ideas into real-world success, energizing her team and shaking up the political landscape.

Claudia is passionate about putting voters first and has contributed to landmark campaigns fighting for accountable government, addressing climate change, and supporting healthy accessible food. Originally from Canton, Ohio, she lives with her family in Washington, DC.