Communications Associate
As Unite America's Digital Marketing Associate, Alana is tasked with helping to expand our movement's reach through social media platforms, storytelling, and website development.

Alana Persson has a diverse background, as she had held roles in marketing, journalism, political campaigns, in-house politics, fund development, and policy. Prior to joining the team at Unite America, she held the role of the Multimedia Marketing and Design Associate for a nonprofit retirement community in New Hampshire.

Alana holds a B.A. in English and Journalism from the University of New Hampshire. Alana currently resides in Denver, Colorado, and is excited to be back living in the city that she spent time in during her gap year before attending college. For Alana, Denver marked the starting point ahead of a year of travel around the world with the international non-profit Up with People, a year in which she had the opportunity to pursue her passions for building bridges between diverse communities, volunteerism, and performing arts. She is excited to continue the work she first started while in Denver all those years ago, continuing to help enact meaningful change in her community and country.