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A deep dive into fair representation with Kent Thiry

Kent Thiry stars in Open Primaries event on Fair Representation this Friday, July 14th

Unite America
July 12, 2023

Exciting news: Unite America Co-Chair Kent Thiry is starring in an interactive discussion this Friday, July 14 at 1 p.m. EST hosted by our partner, Open Primaries. The event, titled "What it Takes to Deliver Fair Representation for the American People", is an extraordinary opportunity to hear from one of the leaders of the voters first movement — and even ask him questions!

 As a prominent business leader, independent political thinker, and committed patriot, Kent is a key figure within the nonpartisan reform movement. He has a record of results, leading seven successful statewide ballot initiatives across three states. In Colorado, Kent has been instrumental in broadening access to primaries for unaffiliated voters, rejuvenating the state's presidential primary, and passing independent redistricting commissions. As our co-chair, he continues to lead efforts to solve the Primary Problem within the state via election reforms that increase voter participation, meaningful votes, and competition.

The Open Primaries discussion will explore Kent's pioneering work in Colorado and dive into his thoughts on the future of the democracy reform movement nationwide. Kent will also be available for a live Q&A session, giving you a unique opportunity to interact with and pose your questions to him.

We hope you can join us this Friday for what promises to be a fascinating conversation. It's a great chance to hear from one of today's most prominent voices in political reform and consider how we can all work toward a fairer and more representative democracy.