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Post-Trump Reforms Must Not Serve Partisan Interests

Nick Troiano and Ron Fournier write in Real Clear Politics about reform as America's next chapter.

Unite America
November 9, 2020

As President-Elect Biden prepares his priorities for his administration, on the top of his list should be reform. Rather than continue down the path of doom-loop partisanship, ineffective and incapable of solving the issues that matter to Americans, Biden can opt for a future of reform.

Much like the wave of reforms ushered in in the post-Watergate era, America again faces the opportunity to build a new system to ensure that our politics work for us. Unite America Executive Director Nick Troiano and advisor Ron Fournier write a new piece for Real Clear Politics:

"The next few years could be an era of post-Trump political reform, but only if we refuse to surrender to partisanship and cynicism – and recognize that reform is already gaining momentum at the state level. Reform isn’t naïve; it’s doable and politically advantageous for both Republicans and Democrats in Washington."
Read the full piece here
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