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Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw: The Case for Rank Choice Voting with Nick Troiano

Unite America's Executive Director Nick Troiano and Congressman Dan Crenshaw talk about the case for ranked choice voting in our nation on the podcast Hold These Truths, hosted by Dan Crenshaw.

Unite America
November 2, 2022

Ranked choice voting (RCV) is on state and local ballots this year at historic levels. So, what is rank choice voting? How has Alaska — a state that passed RCV and nonpartisan primaries in 2022 — fared with its move to ranked choice voting this election cycle? And, could the political extremism we've seen take hold over both parties end if more states adopted rank choice voting among other reforms?

Unite America's Nick Troiano and Congressman Dan Crenshaw sat down on the representative's podcast "Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw" to discuss those questions and the case for ranked choice voting.

Listen to their full conversation below.