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Who We are

Unite America is a movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working to bridge the growing partisan divide and foster a more representative and functional government.

We’re focused on scaling and accelerating the movement to put voters first, and ensure that the right leaders have the right incentives to solve our country’s greatest problems.

Through the Unite America Fund, we leverage our nonpartisan donor community to invest in the reform movement like never before.

Unite America has an actionable strategy, principled vision, and passionate team. Together, they power our movement to transform American politics.

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Our Values

What drives us in our purpose.


We put voters first.

We remember what fuels our work and who we ultimately seek to serve: the voters. We aim to foster a more representative and functional democracy.


We play the long game.

We maintain the integrity of our approach, learn from the past, and aim to build for the long term. We follow through, striving to earn and keep the confidence of our supporters and partners.


We expect excellence in everything we do.

We play to win. We are proactive, innovative, resilient, and resourceful, willing to put in the extra effort where it counts.


We model the leadership we seek.

We are the kind of leaders we desire in our political system; we work civilly across differences, hold ourselves accountable, operate transparently, assume positive intent, and let the best ideas prevail.


We solve problems.

We focus on what we can do, not what we can’t change. We invest our energy in finding solutions and embrace honest communication and direct, productive feedback to get there.


We are pragmatic idealists.

Unity Candidates believe in the shared responsibility of civic engagement. As Americans, they understand it is their civic duty to be informed and engaged on important issues. As Unity Candidates, they encourage increased citizen participation in our political process and in service to our country.


We take care of each other.

We all contribute to creating and protecting a work environment that is fulfilling, fun, healthy, inclusive, and respectful. We look for opportunities to brighten each others’ days.