About Us

Unite America has an actionable strategy, principled vision, and passionate team. Together, they power our movement to transform American politics.
  1. Our Strategy

    Our movement is about ensuring the right leaders have the right incentives to solve our country's greatest problems. By enacting electoral reforms and electing candidates who put people first, we can heal the partisan divide in our nation.

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  2. Unity Principles

    Our common purpose vision, common-sense principles, and common ground approach to governance is captured in our Unity Principles. Scroll down to read all five of our guiding principles. 

    Sign your name to put country over party!

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  1. Reform Campaigns

    Unite America supports four key structural reforms that we believe are both politically viable and powerful –– insofar as they are broadly non-partisan and popular and, if enacted, can meaningfully change governing incentives.

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  2. Unity Candidates

    Unite America supports candidates in both political parties’ primaries for state legislature and U.S. House –– backing candidates in open seats, supporting incumbents, and challenging elected officials who are partisan extremists. Our objective is not to flip red to blue, or blue to red, but to flip bad to good. Unite America will not engage in any general election contests for legislative candidates. 

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  3. Movement Capacity

    Unite America is building capacity and coordination within the larger democracy reform movement, working closely with our partners. Our focus is on support shared infrastructure for reform organizations and campaigns to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness throughout the movement.

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  1. Our Board

    Our Board is comprised of business and civic leaders who lead and guide our movement.

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  2. Our Advisors

    Our volunteer Advisors bring a range of public and private sector experience to our organization and are invaluable in guiding our movement to success.

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  3. Our Staff

    Our staff includes former Republican, Democratic, and independent political strategists who are committed to bridging the partisan divide to fix our political system.

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