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As coronavirus derails most aspects of American life, Unite America is working to ensure that our elections are protected. No voter should have to choose between exercising their health and exercising their civic duty.




Vote at Home


The coronavirus presented a real and present threat to our democracy, as voters had to -- and may continue to -- face a decision between protecting their health and exercising their civic duty to vote. The solution is to support the further expansion of vote at home options (also known as absentee balloting and vote by mail), one of the four reforms supported by the Unite America Fund. 

In April 2020, the Unite America Institute published a white paper, “Voting at Home: How Democracy Survives a Pandemic,” outlining the key steps policymakers and election administrators can take to safeguard the integrity of our elections in 2020. 

Through the Unite America Fund, we supported a number of key delivery partners by investing in their work to scale vote at home systems for the November 2020  election.


Our portfolio aims to support organizations working to:

  • Pass further federal election assistance to administer vote at home elections;
  • Change policy in the states, especially in the 17 states that do not yet offer no-excuse mail ballot options;
  • Support election administrators on a local and state level to implement sound election practices, procedures, and policies.


Our approach was to expand the capacity of the organizations with expertise on the nuances of voting policy and that have a proven track record of delivering on pro-voter reforms. These organizations were focused on effectively countering partisan claims that vote at home will advantage one party over the other. While some policy must be changed, most of our partners were focused on providing technical assistance to ensure sound implementation. Unite America aimed to support partners in transparently and proactively coordinating their efforts.


  • Voting Rights Lab
  • Democracy Works
  • Vote at Home Institute
  • R Street Institute
  • Millennial Action Project 
  • Center for Tech and Civic Life


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