North Dakota Voters First

North Dakota Voters First is working to pass a sweeping election reform initiative with three components.




Independent Redistricting
Ranked Choice Voting
Nonpartisan Primaries


Local democracy reform advocates are currently collecting signatures for a 2020 ballot measure in North Dakota that would have three key components. The measure would:

  1. Secure Elections: Requires all voting machines to produce a paper record of every vote cast; requires random audits of election results; and gives military and overseas voters more time to cast their ballots.

  2. Increase Voter Choice: All state and federal elections would be held with top-four, nonpartisan primaries. Ranked choice voting would allow voters to rank up to three candidates in the general election, ensuring the winner has majority support.

  3. Ensure Fair Legislative Districts: Drawing of state legislative districts would be handled by the citizen-led Ethics Commission, and any maps would require a unanimous vote by the commission. Redistricting hearings would be held in public, proceedings would be subject to public comment, and lines would need to respect existing boundaries and communities. 

The Campaign

Reformers in North Dakota need to collect nearly 27,000 signatures by July 6, 2020 to qualify for the ballot. If the campaign collects a sufficient number of signatures, the measure would appear on the November 2020 ballot.


The North Dakota Voters First ballot measure committee is led by local community leaders, including many who contributed to a successful 2018 ballot measure that created the ethics commission in the state. The campaign is currently led by consultants Zach Packineau and Amy Jacobson.

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