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Rank The Vote is working to bring Ranked Choice Voting to primary and special elections in New York City.




Ranked Choice Voting


Question 1 on the 2019 New York City ballot will ask New Yorkers if they want to adopt Ranked Choice Voting for all municipal primary and special elections. 

Ranked Choice Voting is an alternative voting method that gives voters more voice, choice, and power in our political system. Voters rank candidates on their ballots in order of preference and if no candidate receives majority support of first place votes an “instant runoff” is used. In each runoff, ballots cast for the last place candidate are reassigned to the voter’s second ranked candidate on the ballot until one candidate earns 50% of the vote.

The electoral system eliminates the spoiler effect, encourages candidates to run positive campaigns, and ensures winners have majority support. In New York City, the reform has the potential to save the city millions of dollars each election cycle by avoiding costly runoff elections.


Activists and organizations are working to educate the public on why Ranked Choice Voting makes sense for New York City ahead of the November 5th general election.


Common Cause New York led the charge to place Ranked Choice Voting on the 2019 ballot by lobbying the city’s charter review commission. They’re joined by Rank the Vote NYC, the official ballot committee, in advocating for more voter choice in NYC. Supporters in New York can sign up to volunteer here.

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