Voter Choice Massachusetts

Voter Choice Massachusetts is leading the fight to bring Ranked Choice Voting to the Bay State with a 2020 ballot measure.




Ranked Choice Voting


A proposed 2020 ballot measure in Massachusetts would have brought Ranked Choice Voting to most Massachusetts primary and general elections starting in 2022. 

Ranked Choice Voting is a commonsense change that would give voters the option to rank candidates for office in the order they prefer them. If no candidate receives a majority of the first-choice votes, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and the votes they received count instantly towards the next choice on each voter’s ballot. That process repeats until a candidate receives a majority of the vote and wins.

Ranked Choice Voting gives voters a stronger voice and more choice when they cast their ballots, eliminates the “spoiler effect,” and helps guarantee that elected leaders are supported by a true majority.


Activists collected more than 150,000 signatures, lobbied the statue legislature, and build a powerful grassroots movement. However, the campaign came up short, only earning 45% support in November 2020. 


Voter Choice Massachusetts was the organization leading the ballot measure effort. The organization was led by Campaign Manager Cara McCormick and supported by an advisory board that included former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Nobel prize-winning economist Eric Maskin, and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter. Ranked Choice Voting was endorsed by former Massachusetts Governors Deval Patrick and Bill Weld.


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