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The Unite America Fund is supporting research for the Electoral Reform Research Group (ERRG), a program administered by New America.






The Unite America Fund is supporting research by Lee Drutman for the Electoral Reform Research Group (ERRG), a program administered by New America to conduct research on the merits, impact, and status of electoral, voting, and campaign reforms in the United States. 


The Electoral Reform Research Group was started with the goal of advancing scholarship and research on key structural political reforms. The partnership includes researchers from New America, the R Street Institute, the Scholars Strategy Network, and Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law. Since, its founding, the Unite America Institute has been added as a fifth research partner.  

The group’s first round of research is focused on exploring the merits, impact, and implementation of ranked choice voting. A call for papers was made in 2019, and academics from around the country submitted proposals, 14 of which were funded. The results will be published in early 2021.

Unite America Fund Support

A key gap in the movement to put voters first remains strong scholarship on each of the reforms supported by the Unite America Fund and our partners. The ERRG is committed to expanding their focus to both include other electoral reforms (beyond RCV) and conducting research that analyses how reforms may or may not improve governance

Unite America Fund support is allowing New America scholar Lee Drutman, PhD, to conduct a landscape analysis of all of the existing literature on key political reforms, amplifying existing scholarship and identifying gaps for future scholarship.


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