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Our Process

Through the Unite America Fund we consider funding requests on a rolling basis. Our team reviews all proposals, evaluates them against criteria, consults partners and advisors, and ultimately makes recommendations to our Investment Committee (a subset of our board) which makes funding decisions. 

Our focus is on local, state, and federal campaigns to pass policies that put voters first. Our policy suite includes nonpartisan primaries, ranked choice voting, independent redistricting commissions, and vote at home. We’re particularly excited about investing in campaigns to replace partisan primaries with nonpartisan primaries to solve The Primary Problem. We’re also invested in bipartisan federal solutions to ensure safe and secure elections.

We also fund national organizations playing unique and critical roles in our movement, and invest in shared infrastructure designed to make our field more effective and efficient.

Our Criteria

At the center of our evaluation of any reform campaign, we ask three questions to ensure the campaign is impactful, viable, and nonpartisan:

  • Impact: Can the policy's impact substantially improve governing incentives?

  • Viability: Does the campaign have a significant likelihood of winning and is it likely the policy will be adopted by legislators or voters?
  • Nonpartisan: Does the campaign and policy have the intent or perception of advancing one political party over another?


If you would like to know if your organization would be a candidate for funding, feel free to send a letter of inquiry, or simply email Unite America’s Sr. Director of Policy and Partnerships, Tyler Fisher: We can help outline what would be most helpful in a grant application. 

We also have a template Case for Investment. This template is for local, state, and federal campaigns using legislative, litigation, ballot measure, or implementation tactics to advance and preserve policy change. Interested campaigns can create a copy of this template and submit an application. 


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