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Reformers in Alaska successfully passed a ballot measure to prohibit dark money, implement nonpartisan top-four primaries, and introduce Ranked Choice Voting for all state and federal elections.




Nonpartisan Primaries
Ranked Choice Voting


A proposed ballot measure in Alaska would create major changes in how leaders are elected if passed in 2020. The measure would:

  • Establish Top-Four Nonpartisan Primaries
    All candidates, regardless of party affiliation, will appear on the same primary ballot and the top-four vote getters will advance to the general election. The switch would also permanently open Alaska’s primaries to independent voters, who currently make up 56% of the electorate.
  • Implement Ranked Choice Voting
    Ranked Choice Voting will now be used for all state and federal general elections. It is an alternative voting method that gives voters more voice, choice, and power in our political system. Voters rank candidates on their ballots in order of preference and if no candidate receives majority support of first place votes an “instant runoff” is used until someone earns 50% of the vote.
  • Campaign Finance Disclosure
    The new policy prohibits “Dark Money” by requiring disclosure of the true source of any contribution to a candidate Independent Expenditure group; Both donors and recipients will be required to disclose any contribution greater than $2,000 within 24 hours; Any group getting more than 50% of its funds from outside the state must provide a disclaimer with that information on all communications.


Alaskans for Better Elections was the ballot committee advocating for the measure. The campaign was led by Governor Walker’s former Chief of Staff, Scott Kendall. The campaign co-chairs are former independent state legislator and good government advocate Jason Grenn, former Democrat state Attorney General Bruce Botelho, and Republican activist Bonnie Jack.

Now, the organization is working to implement the reform by working with election administrators and educating the public.

The coalition of national organizations supporting the effort includes Action Now Initiative, American Promise, FairVote, Open Primaries, RepresentUs, and Voters Right to Know.


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