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State of Reform

An Analysis of the Impact and Progress of Four Political Reforms

Unite America
May 15, 2023

Each year, the Unite America Institute releases an updated “State of Reform” report, which provides a landscape analysis of four key structural election reforms: Nonpartisan primaries, ranked choice voting, redistricting commissions, and vote at home. The report describes how the reforms work, where and to what extent they exist, when they were enacted, and summarizes evidence from scholarly research regarding their merits and impact. Within the report, states are graded based on how many of the four reforms have been passed and implemented. Specifically, states earn more points for implementing more sweeping reforms (i.e. nonpartisan primaries) as opposed to incremental reforms (i.e. semi-open primaries). State of Reform serves as a primer for anyone interested in learning more about the status and impact of structural election changes. 

Read the full report here