WESTWORD: New Political Group Seeks Independent Candidates for Statewide Office

By Chris Bianchi, WestWord

Unite Colorado is looking for qualified candidates to fill that most democratic of job openings: political office.

The group, whose goal is to bridge the partisan divide, is recruiting eleven candidates for the upcoming midterm elections in districts where either a Democrat or a Republican is running unopposed.

Unite Colorado has already recruited five candidates for state office (you can read more about four of them here): four for state House of Representatives seats and one for state Senate, according to Nick Troiano, executive director at Unite Colorado.

"Independents don't traditionally have the same kind of infrastructure as major parties. That's what we're building with Unite Colorado," Troiano says. "For people who want help knowing how to run for office — help with their campaigns, financial resources, grassroots support — they reach out to us, and then we evaluate their district. We evaluate them as a candidate, as a leader, and figure out if it's a good fit."


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