WASH POST: The Fray’s Isaac Slade plays first solo show at rally for Md. Senate candidate Neal Simon

By Sarah Polus, Washington Post

Isaac Slade leans back in a leather chair in the green room at Georgetown’s Gypsy Sally’s, his floral shirt lightly wrinkled and his black Nike-clad feet propped up on a wooden chest.

But instead of discussing his past life as the frontman for the hit band the Fray, he’s talking politics. This is Washington, after all.

Music and politics aren’t all that different, according to Slade.

The musician was at the Georgetown joint Monday night to play a campaign event for Neal Simon, an independent Senate candidate from Maryland.

“It reminds me a lot of the onstage and backstage disparity of the entertainment industry,” Slade said, referring to how it feels to go from following politics in his hometown of Denver to being thrown right into the midst of it at a political fundraiser in Washington. “I’m watching from the bleachers in Denver.”


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