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Country Over Party

The 2020 presidential election should be more than about who wins or loses –– it must be about bringing our country back together and fixing our broken political system. That's why we're petitioning ALL the presidential candidates to pledge to choosing their running mate from the opposite party, and to make political reform a top priority of their administration.

It's Happened Before

The last time our country was this divided, Abraham Lincoln reached across the aisle to choose his running mate, a Democrat, and formed a Unity Ticket. They won the election, and saved our union. As Lincoln warned us, "A House divided against itself cannot stand."

It Can Happen Again

History calls for another Unity Ticket in 2020 –– leadership that can represent ALL Americans and find common ground to address the big issues of our day. But we must demand it from the presidential candidates as they campaign for office and let them know we will not stand for political division or dysfunction any longer.

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