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The media would have you believe that our political reality is a futile battleground of party divisions, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyday, responsible and socially-conscious leaders from all political backgrounds work together to accomplish great things. Our ultimate hope is for our leaders to put #CountryOverParty in every branch of our government, including the White House. That is why we launched the Unity2020 Petition and hope reform-minded individuals such as yourself will support our campaign.

There is hope for a strong political system that works for the people, and here are some 2019 examples of what can be accomplished when our politicians put #CountryOverParty:

A group of four Congressmen, two Democrats and two Republicans, came together to form the For Country caucus (read more)

Four Legislators out of Iowa came together to form the Iowa Future Caucus, a brand-new caucus comprised of legislators age 40 and under. (read more)

For the first time in two decades, the House of Representatives passed significant gun control legislation (read more)

The House of Representatives voted 363-62 to pass the largest public lands bill in more than a decade. (read more)

We hope you enjoy the rest of Unrig Summit; if you'd like to meet the Unite America team, please drop by our table and introduce yourself!

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