Unite Colorado Candidates Outraise All Opponents

Slate of five independents collectively raises nearly $130,000 in first filing


DENVER –– All five independent candidates for state legislature endorsed by Unite Colorado have outraised their opponents in the first quarter of 2018 by wide margins –– collectively fundraising $129,516.40 compared to a total of $46,593.38 raised by their Democratic and Republican opponents combined.

“These totals show our movement has built incredible momentum and our candidates will have the resources necessary to run competitive campaigns,” said Nick Troiano, Executive Director of Unite Colorado. “The partisan political establishment has repeatedly tried to dismiss independent candidates, but today’s reports leave no doubt –– much-needed new competition has officially arrived in Colorado politics, and voters will have a viable alternative to both parties this fall.”

All five Unite Colorado candidates have refused contributions from special interest political action committees, consistent with one of the slate’s shared principles of “putting the public interest ahead of any partisan or special interest.”

“Our effort is fueled by everyday voters who are dissatisfied with two parties that would rather fight each other to score points than work together to solve problems,” said Troiano. “Thanks their support, independents running for state legislature in Colorado are well positioned to win elections for the first time in our state’s history. With a plurality (36%) of Colorado voters registered as unaffiliated and 85% of all voters interested in voting for a new option, it’s about time.”    

Of the 101 unaffiliated candidates who have run for state legislature on record, Unite Colorado candidates have already outraised 99 of them with six months remaining in the cycle, according to data from TRACER and FollowtheMoney.org.



Unite Colorado is a citizens movement to bridge the growing partisan divide by electing common-sense, independent candidates to office. For more information, please visit: www.UniteColorado.org.


Update May 16, 2018, 9:50 AM MT:


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