Unite America: Just what the doctor ordered for a divided nation

Unite America - Just what the doctor ordered for a divided country

When one recalls the sorrow and anger that Americans collectively felt on September 11, 2001 and the ensuing solidarity of citizens and contrast it with the polarization that we are experiencing today, many baffling questions come to mind. How did we get here? Why are we seeing such bitterness? Are we allowing the terrorists to win, by tolerating all the internecine infighting that is on display between the major parties and their respective bases? 

It is high time that we pause and introspect. Who benefits from a divided America? Certainly not Americans! We are playing into the hands of our enemies by allowing extreme views to take center stage and drown out the moderate, independent, and sane voices in this country. Opinion polls continue to show that most Americans are disgusted by the acrimony that currently pervades our nation.   

It is imperative ​for​ moderates to ​regain that middle ground, not only to bridge the divide and bring people together in order to find solutions that work for Americans, but also to show the world that America is better than this. 

Despite what critics may say, America is still regarded as a world leader in several areas, including science, technology, economics, military, education, healthcare, space exploration, sports and entertainment, and continues to be a preferred destination for students, entrepreneurs, and immigrants. America’s track record is well known in each of those areas and needs no reiteration here. 

Having said that, we must also realize that we are at one of the most critical points in modern history with the world watching Americans with great fascination to see how ifl we maneuver this difficult period well and maintain our global leadership position, or if we stumble and fall from our pedestal. 

Of course, many would love the latter. Some countries even see this moment as an opportune time for them to forge ahead and establish a new world order, with themselves as the leaders.

Foreign nations see the obvious cracks that have developed in America and are actively exploring how they can leverage these fissures to create strategic advantages for themselves. Competition is great and even welcome. America has always competed fairly and won significantly.

However, we cannot afford to let competition turn into hostility. Yes, there is evil and we must remain steadfast in fighting it with all our might, but we cannot afford to alienate our allies and befriend dubious strongmen around the world. With nationalism and tribalism on the rise in America, isolationist trends are sprouting up everywhere. America should never succumb to such jingoistic tendencies, which go against the very foundations of its core values. 

As a great democratic nation that ended slavery, invented light bulbs, powered homes and automobiles, connected the world with computers, Internet, iPhones, social media, airplanes, and geospatial satellites, delighted the world with Disneyland and Hollywood movies, helped fight evil and end tyranny in several parts of the world, America has been the shining leader that the world has consistently looked up to in the last 100 years. It would be a tragedy to lose that position of preeminence, just because of bitter squabbles amongst us. 

Unite America is just what the doctor ordered for a divided nation. It is the right movement at the right time that can help us come together in a sensible and pragmatic way.

 Unite America is not taking any moonshots to run for president. Doing so would require a lot of money and a lot of people to make it a viable option. There are currently no plans to try to cover the House of Representatives either, as it would be a lot of ground to cover with 438 seats and would, again, consume ​a lot time, resources,​ and effort. 

With the simple “Fulcrum Strategy”, which focuses on winning just a handful of seats in the Senate, Unite America proposes that we achieve the right criticality to act as a fulcrum, thereby turning common-sense independents into the power center of swing votes in the Senate. Even assuming that Democrats and Republicans are evenly placed at 47 and 48 each in the Senate, just 5 votes in the center could make all the difference by helping to break the gridlock and enact effective change. Unite America can give us the 5 independent votes we need to put country above party and achieve progress.

To be honest, right now we aren’t being the best that we can be, and it is not acceptable. Now is the time to get behind Unite America and do all we can to fuel this timely movement and help it gain momentum. 

To those who may think that this is ​a well-intentioned group that is lacking the​​ mass ​and​ muscle to achieve the desired change, it is time to think of what the great Indian leader Gandhi said: “Be the change that you wish to see.” If all moderate, independent, centrist folks, of whom there are plenty in the country, decide to get behind this idea, it will gain the necessary mass and muscle in no time and become a formidable force of change, which is, indeed, the need of the hour.

A great leader leads by example. We have to set our house in order before we can reclaim that place where others look up to us. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to remain true to the cherished ideals and values of the United States of America, to rise above whatever differences we ​may have​, ​and to strive to achieve peace, prosperity, and progress in America while maintaining our global leadership position and making this world a better place. 

The world is watching us; let's get our act together. Let's get behind Unite America. ​


Sayee currently serves as a Senior Manager at a Chicago area technology company and holds a decades long career in IT sales. 
Views and opinions expressed in guest posts do not necessarily reflect those of Unite America.

Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in guest posts do not necessarily reflect those of Unite America.