Unite America

Transparency Policy

As a nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving American democracy, Unite America is committed to operating with full transparency.

The Unite America movement is comprised of several separate, independently-governed organizations—in order to make the most efficient use of our financial resources, and to comply with a complex array of federal and state campaign finance and tax laws and regulations.

Unite America Fund

Donations to the Unite America Fund can support both a federal "Hybrid" PAC (Unite America) and a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Unite America Institute).

Unite America 

A federal “Hybrid" PAC that grants to nonpartisan organizations, supports reform ballot and legislative campaigns, and makes independent expenditures for candidates in primary elections who put people over party.

Unite America discloses information about the identity of each donor whose aggregate contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. Click here to review our filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Unite America Institute

A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to encourage broad-based, nonpartisan civic engagement and political participation and engage in research and scholarly analysis on important issues of public concern, including the root causes, effects, and potential solutions to political polarization and partisanship.

Annually, the Unite America Institute files Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service, disclosing information about its governance, expenditures and other activities.  You can view our most recent filing (2017) by clicking here.

Donor Disclosure

In the interest of full transparency, the Unite America movement voluntarily discloses all of our donors who have contributed more than $5,000 since 2018 to any entity that engages in political activity. We do not accept contributions from unions or outside political action committees (PACs).

Last updated: September 2020

Mary Pat Alcus

Norm Alpert

Elana Amsterdam

Dan Beldy

Jeff Binder

Bill and Susan Bloomfield

Jason Blum

Dan Burcaw

Jonathan Coon

Tara R. Dwyer

Gary Fenchuk

Kathryn Flores

Jon Foley

Rick and Robin Fort

Lenny Gail

Katherine Gehl

Cory Gilchrist

Marvin Gilliam

Ben Goldhirsh

Jim Graf

Linda Hartig

Ron & Dianne Hoge

Mark Howes

Allen Johnson

James Kastenholz

Ike and Ellen Kier

Seth Klarman

Bill King

Josh Klivan

Leslie Lawson

Gene Liebel

Joe Lonsdale

Mike Mahan

Derek McDowell

Clayton McNeel

Marc Merrill

Kathryn Murdoch

Bill Obenshain

Greg Orman

John Palmer

Tom Parker

Randy Peeler

Dwight Poler

Michael Porter

Rusty Reuff

Mindy Rich

Shawn Riegsecker

Karen Rylander

John Sabrato

Ron Shaich

Gregg Sherrill

Susan Sherwood

Neal Simon

Scott Sipprelle

Alex Slusky

Amy Stoken

Lise Strickler

Kent Thiry

Owen Thomas

Christy Walton

Meg Whitman

Lindsey Young

Natasha and Dirk Ziff

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