Thoughts on the shutdown

I've been reading the same commentary as you have about President Obama's curious lack of leadership and Tea Party Republicans acting like spoiled children.  I agree with most of it, so I won't parrot those thoughts here.  Instead, I have some questions for people across the political spectrum.

For the Tea Party:  What have you accomplished?  I don't mean with the shutdown.  I mean EVER.  I admire the Tea Party as a political movement.  Lots of people are angry and fired up.  They've elected representatives (and also managed to get some Democrats elected by knocking off moderate Republicans in the primaries).  To what end?  What policies in the U.S. are better because of the Tea Party, or even different?

For the Republicans:  The Tea Party is going to destroy your party.  You are going to lose the presidency once again in 2016 because the Tea Party will do to any credible candidate what it did to Mitt in 2012.  So when are the moderate Republicans going to reassert themselves, rescue the party, and start governing responsibly again?

For the Democrats:  Was it really a good idea to pass a health care bill without a single Republican vote?  I'm not sure it's fair to change 18 percent of the economy when a sizable proportion of the American people don't agree with the health care reform, or don't understand it.  And I know it wasn't politically wise.  Without Republican buy-in, this reform is not durable.  The Republicans will be trying to overturn this legislation for the foreseeable future, which will create enormous uncertainty and confusion.

For everyone else:  What are you going to do about all this?  A pragmatic Centrist Party, or some kind of movement that brings together people of the political center, has never made more sense.  If you believe that, then do something about it.

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