The Plaintive Cry of a Traditional Republican

John G. Taft, relative of President William Howard Taft and grandson of Senator Robert Taft, wrote a wonderful op-ed recently lamenting the recent changes in the Republican party under which five generations of his family have served the nation.  

Obviously John Taft, who describes himself as "a genetic Republican", is not the only person to see what has happened to the GOP, but his observations are particularly poignant:  "Throughout my family’s more than 170-year legacy of public service, Republicans have represented the voice of fiscal conservatism. Republicans have been the adults in the room. Yet somehow the current generation of party activists has managed to do what no previous Republicans have been able to do — position the Democratic Party as the agents of fiscal responsibility."

He goes so far at to compare the current destructive tactics to those of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Mr. Taft writes:  

"There is more than a passing similarity between Joseph McCarthy and Ted Cruz, between McCarthyism and the Tea Party movement. The Republican Party survived McCarthyism because, ultimately, its excesses caused it to burn out. And eventually party elders in the mold of my grandfather were able to realign the party with its brand promise: The Republican Party is (or should be) the Stewardship Party. The Republican brand is (or should be) about responsible behavior. The Republican party is (or should be) at long last, about decency.

"What a long way we have yet to go."

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