Thank You For Changing American Politics: An Open Letter To Our Supporters

Fellow Centrists,

While last night did not deliver wins for all of our candidates, there is much to celebrate as a result of our efforts this election cycle. I encourage you to take 1 minute to watch this VIDEO message from our founder, Charlie Wheelan, to thank YOU for helping change American politics.

We taped this before election night to prove a point: we’re in this for the long haul. Change doesn’t happen overnight but we made great inroads in 2014. Together, we woke America up to the possibility that there is a way to fix Washington. We endorsed and supported five centrist candidates for US Senate, including three running as Independents without the benefits of a big-party label. We raised nearly $150,000 in early stage funds to fuel their campaigns months before the national media even took note. We mobilized supporters through events, social media, and the press, showing that Centrists across the country are a transformative force in politics. We reached more than 200,000 moderates in key states – like Kansas, South Dakota, and Georgia – reminding them to vote. And we created a national centrist movement that we will grow toward 2016 and beyond until our system is fixed. Thank YOU.

Charlie Wheelan provided his perspective on the mid-term elections in US News & World Report this morning. The two parties are in trouble. He asks, “When will the elections look more like the electorate?” That’s where our work comes into play. Read his full column HERE>

The big takeaways from Election 2014:

  • Lesson number one from our work for Independents Greg Orman of Kansas and Larry Pressler of South Dakota: Credible independent candidates can get traction in statewide races. We will see more of them. Voters are fed up with the two-party status quo and will embrace a candidate who vows to get things done and work against partisanship.
  • Lesson number two: Come Election Day, the parties will fight back mercilessly. Like any duopoly with a stranglehold on power, the two parties are going to hang on tight, even as the proportion of Americans who support one party or the other steadily dwindles. Something has to change. With 42 percent of Americans now identifying as independents, elections need to look more like the electorate.

It’s not all about who won or lost on election night. We’re in this for the long haul to change American politics. Our goal is to enable the election of 5-7 U.S. Senators who support fiscally prudent and socially tolerant policies, irrespective of their party affiliation. This powerful coalition becomes the swing votes for all major legislation facing our country, empowering the political middle which represents the largest portion of our electorate. That’s how we get beyond a system hijacked by partisan extremists and get back to governing. It will take a few election cycles – but we’re on our way with your help.

Our sincere thanks & stay centered,

The Centrist Project Team

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