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Some fun buzz this week in the Centrist community.


Make way for Marianne: 
Thanks to Rep. Henry Waxman's decision that 20 terms is plenty, an Independent has a decent shot at his seat. With 412K Facebook followers, Marianne Williamson is looking like the one to beat. You can read up on the spiritual teacher's quest for Congress on her campaign site.

Tea Party Crashers: Waxman announced his decision to retire by noting, ""It’s been frustrating because of the extremism of Tea Party Republicans. Nothing seems to be happening." 

Which sounds like ... what Sue Wagner — Nevada's former Republican lieutenant governor — said about becoming an independent: Republicans "have grown so conservative and tea-party oriented that I just can't buy into that." 

Are you ready for some football?:
 We all know our favorite Super Bowl party recipes, but few know that the NFL is a tax-exempt business. Independent Sen. Angus King and Republican Sen. Tom Corburn are sponsoring legislation to bring the NFL back under the tax code.

Could Congress get a Senator who refuses to caucus with either party in 2014? Independent Senate candidate Larry Pressler is throwing the standard campaign playbook out the window. Daily Beast has great updates on his maverick campaign to fix Congress here.

Can't. Stop. Watching: Vice President Joe Biden's grinning ways during the SOTU have gone viral. Check it out here.

Top Tweets:

@factTank notes that Pew Research's most recent study indicates that Republicans are more divided than Democrats over how to tackle inequality and poverty.

@maggiepolitico notes that President Obama's former campaign manager, Jim Messina, will give his former office space to the pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA. Coincidence?

This week's CenterLine comes courtesy of James Davis, Noah Reichblum and Colston Young. See everyone next week!

Christie Findlay
Executive Director

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