SUN GAZETTE: Historic Summit

By Marla Haas, Williamsport Chapter Leader, Unite America 

Nearly one month ago, I attended the first ever Unite Summit in Denver, CO. At this historic summit, more than 250 concerned citizens from 35 states spent the weekend discussing how broken our political system has become.

We asked questions such as “What kind of leaders do we want in government,” “What electoral reforms can we implement to get such leaders elected,” and “How do Independents advance such reform?”

There are more Independents in this country than there are Democrats or Republicans. So why is it that Independents, particularly on the national stage, have the least amount of representation?

Shouldn’t our representative democracy be truly representative?

Shouldn’t the people whom we elect be beholden to we the people instead of party leaders whose only interest is retaining their seats? These are questions all Americans should consider, particularly with the upcoming midterm elections.

Unite America is an organization working throughout the country to elect Independents who will truly represent the majority of Americans who are sick of politics as usual.

If you are one of those Americans, I invite you to stop by a meeting of the Williamsport Chapter of Unite America. Meetings are the last Thursday of every month. You can find us on Facebook or through


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