Vote at Home

Making voting secure and accessible during COVID-19. Voting at home ensures that we can prevent community spread and practice social distancing while exercising our civic duty.

The Problem

Nobody should have to choose between their vote and their health.

Whether it's a screen, a pen, or a lever, voting in a number of states requires touching a number of communal surfaces that can easily spread the coronavirus. As we work to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus, states must expand access to absentee voting options that allow voters to safely vote at home.

Vote at home ensures that Americans can stay safe without sacrificing their right to vote.

What it does

Increases turnout

Coronavirus has already shown to dampen voter turnout. In Illinois, a state without widespread absentee ballot access, voter turnout was down 20%, compared to Washington state, which uses an all-mail election system, and saw turnout increase by 25%.

Makes elections more secure

Vote at home is already one of the most secure ways to cast a vote; the system creates an easily traceable paper trail to track ballots. With secure voter verification methods, states with vote by mail election systems are among the most secure places to vote in the nation.

Protects poll workers

Poll workers and election volunteers are overwhelmingly older Americans who are most vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus. By expanding access to vote at home, states can reduce the number of poll workers needed while still maintaining election security.

Makes voting safe for Americans

With millions of Americans living under stay at home orders, voting at home ensures that everyone is able to maintain social distance and have their voices heard. All Americans should be able to vote without fear of getting sick.

How it Works

Why it Matters

Voting at home empowers voters and ensures that they can exercise their civic duty safely and responsibly.

Making voting secure and simple expands the electorate and ensures that all Americans have the opportunity to have their voices heard on election day. Vote at home is secure and safe.

5 states use full vote by mail election systems

5 states have no excuse, permanent mail ballot options

24 states have no excuse required mail ballot options


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Voting at home

How Democracy Survives a Pandemic

The Coronavirus impact on our economy, institutions, and way of life has been significant and will likely reverberate for years. Voter participation is a bedrock of are presentative government, but voters should not be forced to assume a health risk to cast their ballots.

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