Stephanie Miner, Governor of New York

Stephanie Miner is a life-long resident of upstate New York and has served as a two-term Mayor of Syracuse where she increased economic development and voter transparency.


Stephanie Miner was the first female Mayor of any major New York city and after elected, she applied tech-oriented solutions to issues her city faced such as repairing civic water mains and incentivizing the construction of affordable housing. While in office, she also fought corruption through increased voter transparency and information accessibility. When she ran for her second term, she was re-elected with over 68% of the vote.

Miner’s noteworthy experiences and accolades include being named a “trailblazing woman” by the Northeast Women in Public Financing, serving as Syracuse Common Councilor, and working as a labor attorney for ten years representing both unions and employees. Miner’s priorities include changing the way elections are run to make voting easier, examining spending in the state to make it more accountable, and investing in feasible and worthwhile infrastructure projects.  

Stephanie Miner graduated from Syracuse University and received her J.D. from SUNY Buffalo.