Steak, Chicken, or Lobster?

This year’s primary season is all but over. Earlier this this week Sen. Cruz and Gov. Kasich dropped out of the race making Donald Trump the de facto nominee of the Republican party. On the other side of the aisle, Sec. Clinton’s commanding delegate lead over Sen. Sanders makes her the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party barring anything unforeseen.

Unfortunately in a Trump vs. Clinton race the winner will not be the candidate who inspires the country with their vision for the future but rather the candidate the American people decide they dislike the least.

It will be pointed out many times this cycle that Trump and Clinton have the highest and second highest disapproval ratings of any Presidential candidate since those numbers started being recorded. This has become even more evident this week as #DropOutHillary started trending and Speaker Ryan refused to endorse Trump.  

Perhaps the most scathing rebuke of both party frontrunners came in the form of an open letter on Facebook from Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska in which he argues that the parties have presented America with a “terrible choice” and calls for a third-party candidate.  

To me, Sen. Sasse’s letter isn’t just about the Presidential race. It is about our entire political landscape. Too often are we forcing ourselves to make a “terrible choice” when what we should be doing is demanding another option.

Pollsters and scholars love to argue that even voters who claim to be independent really have partisan motivations and that there is no real appetite for centrist or independent candidates. But as Centrist founder Charlie Wheelan argued in his recent column: “This is ridiculous. It is the equivalent of pointing out: (1) Most Americans say they like lobster. Yet (2) when they go through the buffet line at a wedding they always pick steak or chicken, so (3) they must not really like lobster. But there is no lobster in the buffet!”

That's what we are are here to do at Centrist: finally get some damn lobster at the buffet.

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