Statement from The Centrist Project

Statement by Pamela Peak, Executive Director:

“In repudiating the media and political establishments throughout the 2016 election cycle, Americans across the spectrum have sent a very loud message that politics as usual must fundamentally change. 

“While we remain deeply troubled by elements of Donald Trump’s campaign, we congratulate the President-Elect on his victory and wish him well as he prepares to lead the United States of America. We sincerely hope Mr. Trump, together with the new leadership of the U.S. Senate, follows through on his election night commitment to ‘work together and unify our great country.’

“It is now time to put a polarizing campaign behind us, heal our country, and unite to fix a political system that is in tremendous need of repair. Only by taking concrete steps to reform our political process and support new, independent political leaders can we avoid repeating this kind of election, regardless of outcome, in two or four years from now.

“This cycle, we are proud to have made several important steps in that direction. Voters in Maine and Colorado passed ballot measures we supported to implement Ranked Choice Voting and open party primaries to independent voters, demonstrating a large desire for political reform and innovation. In addition, over 130,000 voters in Alaska, New York, and Kansas cast ballots for three independent candidates we endorsed for US Senate and US House seats, putting deeper cracks into the two-party duopoly. 

“At The Centrist Project, we believe our work is more important than ever before. We look forward to soon announcing new plans to accelerate the growth of our movement, buoyed by the tremendous support from our members. As we take our next steps forward, we’ll also be announcing new leaders to build upon our successes to date. Our nation needs solutions and we look forward to playing a role in that success.”


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