Standing Up To The Bullies

Scrolling through the political news sites today, we found something very interesting: a story about a voter who believes they can make a difference. This voter, Justin Robinson, is a resident of the District of Columbia, who was frustrated with Rep. Andy Harris' (R-MD) efforts to block the legalization of marijuana in D.C., something approved by 70% of D.C. voters.

As he scrolled through scores of comments left on Rep. Harris' page by frustrated D.C. residents, he realized that all this opposition would produce few results. And then he had an idea:

"What's the one thing that politicians actually care about? It's re-election and it's money. That's the one thing that actually makes them tick."

And so he launched his very own Political Action Committee, the "Not Your District PAC," intended to target members of Congress who interfere with D.C. affairs. You can read more about his PAC here. This story is fascinating, here is why.

D.C. Is Standing Up For Itself.Residents of the District of Columbia are pretty marginalized when it comes to the American democratic system. They weren't allowed an electoral college vote until 1961. Their representative to the House is actually a Delegate, not allowed to vote on the House floor. They don't even have a Senator. Their recent history has been a continual trend of Congressmen from across the country overruling democratically supported policies (read more about this sad history here). Now, voters have decided to hit back, right where it hurts.

Stop Using the Word "Apathy."Boy is this word overused. What is great about the story of Not Your District is that it is not a highly conceptual organization, it is not funded by billionaires. It was founded by a local DJ and restaurant server. It makes a strong statement about the "apathy" of the American voter: it doesn't exist. Americans care, of course they care, about the government, about how its partisanship and process affects their daily lives. We just need to realize that we can hit back. That is what The Centrist Project is all about.

Hitting Them Where It Hurts.Robinson realized that to affect change, we need to incentivize our Congressmen and Senators, by showing them that they will lose their jobs if they keep going with business as usual. In 2014 The Centrist Project showed Senators in five races that moderates and Independents will push back if their voice isn't heard. But 2016 is fast approaching. Become a member of The Centrist Project and help us hit the partisans where it hurts.

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