SEACOAST: Letter: A vote for Hayes is a win for Maine

By Windol Weaver, York

To the Editor:

Terry Hayes, the independent candidate who is running for governor is hands-down the best choice for Maine in the upcoming November election. As the former state representative from York, I had the pleasure of serving directly with Terry for eight years in the Maine House of Representatives. Terry and I both served on the Government Oversight Committee, and although we were on opposite sides of the aisle, we were able to put party politics aside and work together. I could always count on her to listen to my thoughts on issues. I am confident that Terry will serve, as she has as our state treasurer for the past four years, as a governor who leads with civility, respect and integrity. With Terry leading our great state, Maine will be headed in a positive, promising new direction.issues, share her views and then strategize to achieve a positive solution for the constituents we served.

Terry Hayes is an impactful, straightforward and honest woman, who truly understands how to make things happen. We need more of this in Augusta, considering the legislature just adjourned in September of this year because they couldn’t find agreement on a number.

It’s time to get back to putting Maine first, and that starts with electing a non-partisan, independent leader who will do just that. Terry Hayes is exactly the kind of governor Maine needs, who puts people over partisanship, and she has my vote on Nov. 6. I hope you will join me in electing this remarkable woman to the Blaine House, because it will be a win for all of Maine.